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A dog was shot down in my city when an officer showed up at a wrong address with his gun drawn, and showed no remorse!

I like it that way, and that’s the way I like it

Sometimes I feel like many things conspire to make you feel guilty for being single. After a certain amount of time, people start to make comments which I’m sure you’ve all heard before, your friends will say things like “Time to get back on that horse”, or “Why don’t you stop hating the other sex”. Your male friends might say things like “Time to clear out the pipes before you get cobwebs”, or your female friends might say “It’s such a waste, because you’re so good to your boyfriends/girlfriends” some of them may even deign to no longer invite you to social events for fear that you’ll make things awkward being a fifth wheel. People like this aren’t true friends, because true friends accept you for who you are, they’re with you through thick and thin. It’s ok to be alone, you’re born that way, and you’ll die that way, there’s nothing wrong with being alone a little bit in the middle. Parents and family also try to exert considerable pressures on you to “link up” or “be with someone”, they often try to approach from a concerned standpoint. To deal with these people, whether they’re friends or family, tell them, “I like to be alone, better yet I need to be alone. I like it that way, and that’s the way I like it.” If you have difficulty with this statement, it’s probably best to analyze whether you are comfortable with being alone as a person, and if not that is something to strive for as a person. Remember that it’s better to be happy and single, than taken and miserable. Until next time, stay strong, stay single, stay happy

- Anonymous:

I like the actual text of your posts but I can't stand the font or stupid picture behind it. It's a lot harder to read than it needs to be.

Yea, I changed it for a while, but no one really cared for the new layout. In fact, I got messages to revert back to the old layout. So, I’ll probably stick with this. You should have spoken up earlier.

"The beauty of things must be that they end."

Jack Kerouac, Tristessa  (via honeyforthehomeless)

I know right?! 

Definitely break up with him. What a douchebag!

It’s only after we’ve lost everything that we are free to do anything

Most people let their fears control them; fear of being alone, fear of failing, fear of being lost, of helplessness. While a small amount of fear can be helpful, too much will cripple you. Being in a relationship you don’t want to be in because you’re afraid of breaking up, putting up with what you shouldn’t because you’re afraid of confrontation. The only person you need is yourself. No person will complete you if you feel incomplete. Being in a relationship will not make you feel better about yourself if you don’t feel good about yourself already. Accept yourself for who you are, single or otherwise. If you’re newly single and feeling lost, remember that you have so much to offer and that person you should care about most is the one you see in the mirror every day. If it didn’t work out, that’s because it isn’t meant to work out. Every minute that you spend thinking about that person is a minute take away from your new life, from that potential person in the future that will be much better for you and much better suited to you. In the mean time, enjoy your freedom, enjoy not answering to jealous texts asking where you are, enjoy staying out late and not having to answer anyone, enjoy not having to impress anyone. It’s your life, now go start living it.